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Friday, 25 Aug. 2023

Privat natur - separatutställning på Liljevalchs konsthall - vernissage 5 oktober 2023

Privat natur 12
Privat natur 12
Thursday, 22 Oct. 2020

Hiking Kebnekaise

Jennie at the summit

This is one of Sweden’s most wonderful and most varied mountain regions. The landscape and nature you hike through changes pretty much every day. The Kebnekaise massif has alpine peaks, glaciers, and Sweden’s highest mountain. We started out in the long section of Vistasdalen valley, and then continued, steeply in parts, across the alpine zone to the Tarfaladalen valley. This is where Kebnekaise is at its most dramatic, with its glaciers rolling down the mountainside. Certain cultures consider hiking around a high mountain to be a sacred act – after eight nights in the tent we felt both physically and spiritually affected.

Snowy landscape
Stone stack
Thursday, 1 Oct. 2020

Jury duty

Vårsalongen 2021 opens January 29 until March 28. The Spring Salon receives a couple of thousand applications each year and it goes without saying that in order to create an extraordinary art festival, someone has to make a selection. For the upcoming Spring Salon, Jens has the privilege of engaging in the jury together with the artist Petra Hultman. As usual, the jury is chaired by Liljevalchs’ director, Mårten Castenfors.

Wednesday, 9 Sep. 2020

Studio Jens Assur is moving

You will from now on you will find the studio in Åre, Jämtland. Hop on the train, bring your skis and stop by for a coffee.

Jens riding his bike in a winter landscape
Jens carrying a canoe